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About Pick’El:

Pick’El (AKA Shawn) has served the Knoxville area since 2010 and offers a wide variety of styles and techniques. He is both a professional artist and also a body piercer. In addition to this, he is a loving father to his young son and daughter and a devoted husband. Shawn enjoys skateboarding, playing with his children and playing guitar outside of work, but also spends much of his time drawing.


Setting up your appointment:

Pick’El is an owner so he works most days of the week. Therefore, his schedule is Tuesday- Thursday 12PM to 9PM. Friday and Saturday, he can be found in the studio from 12PM-10PM and Sundays 12PM-4PM. Mondays are for scheduled appointments only, consequently we are not always open on Mondays.

Prices vary depending on size, placement and the time it will take to make your tattoo and therefore are most accurately estimated during an in-studio consultation. Our artists enjoy meeting and speaking with our future clientele in person in order to provide you with the greatest care we can.

We can schedule consultations via facebook.com/pokedbypickel or give us a call at 865-212-9944 so we can schedule an appointment. Tattoo consultations may be done on the same day or prior to the tattoo appointment, depending on availability. You can follow his work at Pickel865 on Instagram.


Aftercare Instructions:

Finally, please refer to our aftercare page for instructions in order to take care of your new tattoo. In addition to this, you may also refer to your tattoo aftercare sheet from the studio.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all by giving us a call. You can also contact us on facebook so we can get back to you promptly.

Find Us

3519 W. Emory Road

Powell TN, 37849


Tuesday—Thursday: 12:00PM–9:00PM
Friday & Saturday: 12:00PM–10:00PM

Sunday — 12:00PM – 4:00PM

Give us a call


or E-mail: Pickel@againstalloddstattoos.com